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Kanji for SHIMIRU

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kanji for dye, color, paint, stain, print
dye, color, paint, stain, print
セン そ.める -ぞ.め -ぞめ そ.まる し.みる -じ.みる し.み -し.める
SEN, so.meru, -zo.me, -zome, so.maru, shi.miru, -ji.miru, shi.mi, -shi.meru

kanji for frozen, congeal, refrigerate
frozen, congeal, refrigerate
トウ こお.る こご.える こご.る い.てる し.みる
TOU, koo.ru, kogo.eru, kogo.ru, i.teru, shi.miru

kanji for imbued with
imbued with
シン し.みる にじ.む
SHIN, shi.miru, niji.mu

-jimiru -shimeru -zome color congeal dye frozen imbued in iteru jimiru kogoeru kogoru kooru nijimu paint penetrate print refrigerate SEN shimeru shimi shimiru SHIN soak somaru someru stain TOU with zome

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