Kanji Books

Kanji Books

"Read Japanese Today" and Kodansha's "Kanji Learner's Dictionary" are two books highly recommended for Kanji translation and study. More kanji books ...

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"Read Japanese Today"

"Read Japanese Today" by Len Walsh is a great way to get started with kanji.

The story-like narrative makes it very easy to recall the meanings of around 300 Japanese kanji characters.

If you are studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test most of JLPT levels 3 and 4 are covered in this book.

You can read a brief extract or find out more at Amazon.com.

If you live in Japan you can order it from Amazon.co.jp.

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"Kanji Learner's Dictionary"

The Kanji Learner's Dictionary's ingenious SKIP system makes finding kanji a snap! A great resource for home, work or school.

Each kanji explanation includes a step-by-step stroke-order diagram so you can quickly master the art of writing Japanese kanji.

You can read more in English at Amazon.com

If you live in Japan you can order it from Amazon.co.jp.

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