Kill Cockroaches

Kill Cockroaches

Cockroaches are called "gokiburi" in Japanese.

We recommend combining the following three control methods:

  • For immediate clearance use a powerful cockroach spray such as "Barusan" and sticky foam such as "Gokipao".
  • For short-term control and monitoring use sticky "hoi-hoi" traps.
  • For longer term control use poisonous baits placed outside your home.

Use spray and foam to kill cockroaches when you see them. As well as killing cockroaches, the spray should slow them down so you can wrap them in the spray foam for easy disposal. Spray foam is often called "awa" in Japanese.

Cockroach spray.

Brand name: Barusan

Cockroach spray foam.

Brand name: Gokipao

Hoi-hoi traps only kill cockroaches that get stuck inside them so total control is not usually achieved this way. They are best used when you have a known infestation and want to kill cockroaches when you are out or are sleeping.

Poisonous baits are slow acting but kill many cockroaches. They are designed so that the cockroaches carry the poison back to the nest, die and are then eaten by other cockroaches which die in turn. The baits contain boric acid ("housan" in Japanese) a safe, proven insecticide which is very effective for longer term cockroach control.
A poisonous bait against a wall.

Baits are best placed against walls or in corners as cockroaches prefer to hug the wall when moving around. Placing in these areas will increase the chance of a cockroaches finding the bait.

Sprays, traps and baits can be bought from many places in including:

  • most home centers
  • some chemists/pharmacies such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi
  • some department stores like Daiku/Seiyu
  • some supermarkets
Expect a box of traps or baits to cost ¥500 - ¥600.

Sticky Hoi-hoi traps. Brand name: Gokiburi Hoi-hoi

Poisonous baits. Brand name: Burakku kappu (Black Cap)

Poisonous baits. Brand name: Gokiburi Housan Dango

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