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Kill Japanese Ants

Ants are called "ari" in Japanese.

  • Use a general insect spray to kill ants when you see them.
  • For a longer lasting solution control use poisonous ant baits.
Insect spray can be found at supermarkets, pharmacies and hardware stores. A can of insect spray should cost ¥300 - ¥600.

Ant baits can be bought at hardware stores or home centers for ¥500 - ¥1000.

The poison is slow acting so ants can carry it back to their nest and the entire colony gets wiped out.

Baits are designed to be safe and easy to use. To use the example shown here the contents of the foil sachet are poured into the green tray, the lid snapped shut and then it is ready to use.

Baits are best placed on ant trails to increase the chance of ants finding the poison.

Remember to wash your hands after handling any poisons, dispose of all packaging and left over poison carefully and store poisons out of reach or children and pets.

Ant poison. Brand name Ari

Sachet of poison and feeding tray

Tray placed on an ant trail

The ants should start a feeding frenzy within a few hours of the baits being placed. Activity should diminish over the next 2-3 days and stop completely within about a week.
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