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Kanji for DEEP

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kanji for deep, heighten, intensify, strengthen
deep, heighten, intensify, strengthen
シン ふか.い -ぶか.い ふか.まる ふか.める み-
SHIN, fuka.i, -buka.i, fuka.maru, fuka.meru, mi-

kanji for crimson, deep red
crimson, deep red
コウ ク べに くれない あか.い
KOU, KU, beni, kurenai, aka.i

kanji for hoist, fry in deep fat
hoist, fry in deep fat
ヨウ あ.げる -あ.げ あ.がる
YOU, a.geru, -a.ge, a.garu

kanji for deep and broad
deep and broad
コウ ひろ.い
KOU, hiro.i

kanji for deep clear water
deep clear water
オオ オウ ふか.い
OO, OU, fuka.i

kanji for abyss, edge, deep pool, the depths
abyss, edge, deep pool, the depths
エン カク コウ ふち かた.い はなわ
EN, KAKU, KOU, fuchi, kata.i, hanawa

kanji for extend, deep, large
extend, deep, large
タン エン

kanji for deep water, deep
deep water, deep
タン ジン ふち ふか.い
TAN, JIN, fuchi, fuka.i

kanji for deep, dredge
deep, dredge
シュン さら.う
SHUN, sara.u

kanji for deep, profound
deep, profound
スイ おくぶか.い
SUI, okubuka.i

-age -bukai abyss acupuncture agaru age ageru akai and asai be beni billowy body broad bukai by clear clouds crimson deep depths dredge edge EN expanse extend fat flowing fry fuchi fukai fukamaru fukameru full hanawa heighten hiroi hoist in intensify interior JIN KAKU katai KOU KU kurenai large mi mi- not of okubukai OO OU pool profound reached red region rising sarau SEN shallow SHIN SHUN strengthen SUI superficial TAN the to too water waters wide YOU

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