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Kanji for ATTACK

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kanji for fell, strike, attack, punish
fell, strike, attack, punish
バツ ハツ カ ボチ き.る そむ.く う.つ
BATSU, HATSU, KA, BOCHI, ki.ru, somu.ku, u.tsu

kanji for aggression, attack
aggression, attack
コウ せ.める
KOU, se.meru

kanji for attack, advance on, succeed to, pile, heap
attack, advance on, succeed to, pile, heap
シュウ おそ.う かさ.ね
SHUU, oso.u, kasa.ne

a advance aggression assume attack BATSU beat BOCHI BOU brave chastise collect conquer damage dare defeat defy desecrate destroy diseases face fell GEKI HATSU heap KA kasane kiru KOU name okasu on osou pile punish rebellious risk SEI semeru SHUU somuku strike subjugate succeed taxes the to TOU utsu

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