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Fluoride in Japanese toothpaste

Contrary to popular belief, at least some popular brands of Japanese toothpaste DO contain floride.

To check if Japanese toothpaste contains floride, check the ingredients panel for either of the following symbols:

living in japan toothpaste floride fusso

Florine (pronounced: fusso)

living in japan toothpaste floride fukka natorium

Sodium fluoride (pronounced: fukka natorium*)

At the time of writing the Aquafresh and Ora 2 brands definitely contain fluoride.

living in japan ora2 toothpaste

Ora 2 toothpaste

living in japan aquafresh toothpaste

Aquafresh toothpaste

* Natorium is the Japanese pronunciation of Natrium, the Latin word for sodium. The chemical symbol for sodium, Na, is an abbreviation of Natrium. Natorium is also often seen written in ingredient listings for products containing salt (sodium chloride).
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