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How To Cook Brown Rice

Brown rice is best cooked in a rice cooker with a delay timer. This allows the rice to soak for a set period before cooking automatically and then be kept warm and moist until needed.

brown rice cooker

This is a Japanese rice measuring cup. It holds 165ml of rice. This is about the right amount of rice for one adult. One measure of rice is called one go in Japanese.

brown rice measuring cup

Brown rice is called genmai in Japanese. Several varieties are available including:
brown rice koshihikari

Koshihikari is the king of rice in Japan. It has a nutty flavour. It can be eaten simply with miso soup as a side dish or as part of a more substantial meal. Koshihikari white rice is often sold as sushi rice overseas.

brown rice sasanishiki

Sasanishiki has a mild flavor. It is often used for brown rice sushi in Japan after having rice vinegar and sugar added. It is perfectly fine to mix different varieties of brown and white rice when cooking.

The water level markings inside the rice cooker's bowl include an allowance for the volume of dry rice. The black box shows the markings for cooking brown rice.

brown rice bowl marking

Here we demonstrate cooking brown rice for two adults. One measure of brown rice is already in the bowl and the second is being addded.

brown rice filling

Like white rice, brown rice should be rinsed before cooking. Unlike white rice there is usually little discoloration of the water and much less washing is required.

brown rice washing

In this picture, the water for cooking the brown rice has been added. It is important to ensure that the correct amount of water is used.

brown rice water level

In this case we have 330ml of dry brown rice and 670ml of water so the ratio of water to rice is about 2:1.

Place the bowl inside the rice cooker. Ensure the inner lid is in place. If not too much water will be lost and the rice will be harder than it should be.

brown rice ready to cook

The rice cooker is now set so that the rice will be ready in 6 hours time. Brown rice should ideally be soaked for at least 5 hours to ensure it is as soft as it should be.

brown rice timer set

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