Firefox Chinese

Displaying Chinese characters in Firefox

Firefox is designed to display text in virtually any language.

If Chinese characters do not display correctly please follow the steps below.

Free English -> Chinese translation toolbar
1) Set your browser to recognise Chinese language internet sites.
  • Windows users: Under "Tools - Options" on your browser's menu-bar add Chinese to the languages list.
  • Macintosh users: Under "Preferences - Languages" on your browser's menu-bar add Chinese to the languages list.
2) Set your browser's "Character Set" or "Encoding" to UTF-8 (sometimes also called Universal Alphabet or Unicode).
  • English pages will generally continue to display normally after making this change.
  • Encoding settings can be changed under the "View" option in your browser's menu-bar.
  • The image below may be of some help.
3) Windows users: If Chinese text still does not display correctly, East Asian language support may need to be enabled. This is free to download.

Selecting UTF-8 Chinese text in Firefox

firefox Chinese text display utf-8
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