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Kanji for STERN

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kanji for stern, strictness, severity, rigidity
stern, strictness, severity, rigidity
ゲン ゴン おごそ.か きび.しい いか.めしい いつくし
GEN, GON, ogoso.ka, kibi.shii, ika.meshii, itsukushi

kanji for bow, stern
bow, stern
ロ ショウ ゾウ とも ほばしら
RO, SHOU, ZOU, tomo, hobashira

kanji for bow, prow, stern
bow, prow, stern
ロ とも へさき
RO, tomo, hesaki

bow GEN GON hesaki hobashira ikameshii itsukushi kibishii ogosoka prow rigidity RO severity SHOU stern strictness tomo ZOU
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