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Kanji for SPRINKLE

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kanji for wash, sprinkle
wash, sprinkle
シャ ソン サイ セン セイ すす.ぐ あら.う
SHA, SON, SAI, SEN, SEI, susu.gu, ara.u

kanji for sprinkle, lively, vigorous
sprinkle, lively, vigorous
ハツ も.る とびち.る そそ.ぐ
HATSU, mo.ru, tobichi.ru, soso.gu

kanji for sprinkle, splash
sprinkle, splash
セン そそ.ぐ
SEN, soso.gu

kanji for sprinkle, wash, free and easy
sprinkle, wash, free and easy
シャ サイ サ セ そそ.ぐ
SHA, SAI, SA, SE, soso.gu

and arau easy free frivolous give GYOU HATSU lively maku moru SA SAI SAN SATSU scatter SE SEI SEN SHA shallow slip SON sosogu splash sprinkle susugu the them thing tobichiru vigorous wash

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