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Kanji for SOUND

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kanji for sound, noise
sound, noise
オン イン -ノン おと ね
ON, IN, -NON, oto, ne

kanji for chirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk
chirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk
メイ な.く な.る な.らす
MEI, na.ku, na.ru, na.rasu

kanji for sound of footsteps
sound of footsteps
キョウ あしおと
KYOU, ashioto

kanji for sound, voice, noise, tone, music
sound, voice, noise, tone, music
セイ ショウ こえ こわ-
SEI, SHOU, koe, kowa-

-NON a also and ashioto bark bells boron chirp clarity clear clinking creaking cry drum drums echo exhaling fish fishs flowing footsteps GO HA HAI hibiku honk HOU IN jewels koe KOU kowa kowa- KYOU MEI mouth moving music N5116 naku narasu naru ne noise NON of ON oto REI REKI resound ring ROU RU running RYUU SAN school SEI SEN SHOU SO SOU sound stones struck swelling together tone tsuku vibrate voice water waves

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