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Kanji for OPPOSITE

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kanji for vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare
vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare
タイ ツイ あいて こた.える そろ.い つれあ.い なら.ぶ むか.う
TAI, TSUI, aite, kota.eru, soro.i, tsurea.i, nara.bu, muka.u

kanji for inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked
inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked
ギャク ゲキ さか さか.さ さか.らう
GYAKU, GEKI, saka, saka.sa, saka.rau

aite anti- compare equal even GEKI GYAKU inverted kotaeru mukau narabu opposite reverse saka sakarau sakasa soroi TAI TSUI tsureai versus vis-a-vis wicked

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