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Kanji for HARI

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kanji for hazelnut, filbert
hazelnut, filbert
シン ハン はしばみ はり
SHIN, HAN, hashibami, hari

kanji for weir, fish trap, beam, girder
weir, fish trap, beam, girder
リョウ はり うつばり うちばり やな はし
RYOU, hari, utsubari, uchibari, yana, hashi

kanji for warning, counsel, presept, needle
warning, counsel, presept, needle
シン いまし.める はり
SHIN, imashi.meru, hari

kanji for needle
シン はり さ.す
SHIN, hari, sa.su

-bari -hari bari beam bows CHOU counsel counter filbert fish for girder HAN hari haru hashi hashibami hazelnut imashimeru instruments lengthen needle pin presept put RYOU sasu SHIN spread staple stinger stretch stringed tent trap uchibari up utsubari warning weir yana

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