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Kanji for GIN

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kanji for silver
ギン しろがね
GIN, shirogane

kanji for peak, mountaintop
peak, mountaintop
シン ギン みね
SHIN, GIN, mine

kanji for limit, boundary
limit, boundary
ギン ゴン きし さか.い
GIN, GON, kishi, saka.i

kanji for disobey, dispute, very, go against, be contrary to
disobey, dispute, very, go against, be contrary to
コン コウ ギン もと.る
KON, KOU, GIN, moto.ru

kanji for thoughtlessly
ギン キン なまじ.い
GIN, KIN, namaji.i

kanji for gums
ギン コン はぐき
GIN, KON, haguki

a against be boundary capital Chinese contrary disobey dispute GI GIN go GON gums haguki KI KIN kishi KON KOU limit lofty mine motoru mountaintop namajii name of peak recital region river sakai SHIN shirogane silver singing steep surrounding the thoughtlessly to versify very

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