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Kanji for FURU

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kanji for old
コ ふる.い ふる- -ふる.す
KO, furu.i, furu-, -furu.su

kanji for descend, precipitate, fall, surrender
descend, precipitate, fall, surrender
コウ ゴ お.りる お.ろす ふ.る ふ.り くだ.る くだ.す
KOU, GO, o.riru, o.rosu, fu.ru, fu.ri, kuda.ru, kuda.su

kanji for shake, wave, wag, swing
shake, wave, wag, swing
シン ふ.る ぶ.る ふ.り -ぶ.り ふ.るう
SHIN, fu.ru, bu.ru, fu.ri, -bu.ri, fu.ruu

-buri -furusu buri buru descend fall furi furu furu- furui furusu furuu GO KO KOU kudaru kudasu old oriru orosu precipitate shake SHIN surrender swing wag wave
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