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kanji for consort, accompany, bring with, companion
consort, accompany, bring with, companion
ハン バン ともな.う
HAN, BAN, tomona.u

kanji for lovely, companion
lovely, companion
レイ うるわ.しい うら.らか
REI, uruwa.shii, ura.raka

kanji for companion, follower
companion, follower
リョ ロ とも
RYO, RO, tomo

kanji for companion, similar kind
companion, similar kind
チュウ ジュ ともがら
CHUU, JU, tomogara

kanji for companion
セイ サイ ともがら
SEI, SAI, tomogara

kanji for before, companion, same kind
before, companion, same kind
チュウ うね たぐい ひと.しい
CHUU, une, tagui, hito.shii

kanji for companion
レイ つれあい ならぶ
REI, tsureai, narabu

accompany BAN before bring CHUU colleague companion consort cut divide ethics follower friend HAN hitoshii HOU JU kind komono lovely narabu official REI RIN RO RYO RYOU SAI same SEI SHI similar tagui tomo tomogara tomonau tsureai une uraraka uruwashii with

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