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Kanji for BIRTH

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kanji for life, genuine, birth
life, genuine, birth
セイ ショウ い.きる い.かす い.ける う.まれる う.まれ うまれ う.む お.う は.える は.やす き なま
SEI, SHOU, i.kiru, i.kasu, i.keru, u.mareru, u.mare, umare, u.mu, o.u, ha.eru, ha.yasu, ki, nama

kanji for products, bear, give birth, yield, childbirth, native, property
products, bear, give birth, yield, childbirth, native, property
サン う.む う.まれる うぶ- む.す
SAN, u.mu, u.mareru, ubu-, mu.su

bear birth childbirth genuine give haeru hayasu ikasu ikeru ikiru ki life musu nama native ou products property SAN SEI SHOU ubu ubu- umare umareru umu yield
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