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Kanji for ARAWASU

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kanji for surface, table, chart, diagram
surface, table, chart, diagram
ヒョウ おもて -おもて あらわ.す あらわ.れる あら.わす
HYOU, omote, -omote, arawa.su, arawa.reru, ara.wasu

kanji for present, existing, actual
present, existing, actual
ゲン あらわ.れる あらわ.す
GEN, arawa.reru, arawa.su

kanji for flag, praise
flag, praise
セイ ショウ あら.わす はた
SEI, SHOU, ara.wasu, hata

-omote actual arawareru arawasu arrival CHAKU chart CHO clothing counter diagram don existing finish flag for GEN hata HYOU ichijirushii literary of omote on phenomenal praise present publish put race remarkable renowned SEI SHOU suits surface table wear work write

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