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Kanji for AGO

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kanji for stop, halt, previously, already, long ago
stop, halt, previously, already, long ago
イ や.む すで.に のみ はなはだ
I, ya.mu, sude.ni, nomi, hanahada

kanji for jaw
サイ あご えら
SAI, ago, era

kanji for chin, jaw
chin, jaw
イ おとがい あご
I, otogai, ago

kanji for speaking the truth
speaking the truth
ガク わめ.く あご
GAKU, wame.ku, ago

kanji for nod approval
nod approval
ガン カン うなず.く あご
GAN, KAN, unazu.ku, ago

kanji for jaw, chin, gill
jaw, chin, gill
ガク あご あぎと
GAKU, ago, agito

kanji for jaw
ガク あご はぐき
GAKU, ago, haguki

a agito ago already and approval bright chin distant early era face far fish GAKU GAN gill gills haguki halt hanahada haruka hayai I in jaw KAN KI life long lower nod nomi of off otogai part previously SAI SHUKU speaking stop sudeni the truth tsutoni unazuku wameku yamu YOU

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