Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

Green tea is called "ocha" in Japanese. It is enjoyed as a typical refreshment in Japan and is as common as coffee is in the West.

Green tea contains chemicals similar to flavonoids which are found in broccoli, cabbage, grapes and red wine, and are known to help prevent cancer.

Green tea leaves should be stored in an air-tight container and used within 2-3 months of opening.

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japanese green tea equipment

To brew green tea you should ideally use a tea pot with a removable filter basket or infuser screen with room for the tea leaves to expand and move.

japanese green tea ready for water

Heat the pot with hot (not boiling) water before use and be careful no to use too much tea. Here we have used slightly less than 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for a 750ml tea pot.

japanese green tea brewing

Let the tea brew for about two minutes before pouring. Pre-heat the tea cups with hot water while the tea brews.

japanese green tea leaves floating

The leaves expand considerably so it is important to use a large enough infuser.

Relax and enjoy.

japanese green tea poured

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