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Hotel accommodation Okinawa Island, Japan

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Miyako Hotel Okinawa   

3 star

"40, Matsukawa, Naha
Okinawa, 902-0062"

Miyako Hotel Okinawa, Japan

Miyuki Beach Hotel Okinawa   

3 star

1583-2 Aza-Afuso Onnason
Okinawa-Ken 904-0402

Miyuki Beach Hotel Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Port Hotel Naha Okinawa   

3 star

1-6-1 Nishi Naha Shi
Okinawa Ken

Okinawa Port Hotel Naha Okinawa, Japan

Washington Hotel Nahashi Okinawa   

3 star

2-32-1 Kume Naha

Washington Hotel Nahashi Okinawa, Japan

Ana Harbour View Hotel Okinawa   

4 star

2-46 Izumizaki Naha

Ana Harbour View Hotel Okinawa, Japan

ANA Manza Beach Hotel Okinawa   

4 star

2260 Seragaki Aza
Okinawa 904-0493

ANA Manza Beach Hotel Okinawa, Japan

Busena Terrace Beach Resort Okinawa   

4 star

1808 Kise Nago

Busena Terrace Beach Resort Okinawa, Japan

Daiwa Royal Zanpamisaki Hotel Okinawa   

4 star

1575 Aza-Uza Yomitan-village
Nakagami-gun Okinawa 904-0394

Daiwa Royal Zanpamisaki Hotel Okinawa, Japan

Grand Mer Hotel Okinawa   

4 star

1205-2 Yogi

Grand Mer Hotel Okinawa, Japan

JAL Private Resort Okuma Okinawa   

4 star

"913 Aza-okuma, Kunigami-son
Okinawa 905-1412"

JAL Private Resort Okuma Okinawa, Japan

Kariyushi Beach Hotel Okinawa Island   

4 star

"2591-1 Yashibaru Nakama
Onnason, Kunigami-Gun
Okinawa-Ken 904-0401"

Kariyushi Beach Hotel Okinawa Island, Japan

Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha Okinawa   

4 star

1-10-7 Izumizaki Naha

Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha Okinawa, Japan

Loisir Hotel Naha Okinawa   

4 star

3-2-1 Nishi Okinawa Shi
Okinawa Ken

Loisir Hotel Naha Okinawa, Japan

Moonbeach Hotel Okinawa Island   

4 star

1203 Aza Maeganeku Onnason
Kunigamigun Okinawa 904-0414

Moonbeach Hotel Okinawa Island, Japan

Nikko Alivila Hotel Yomitan Resort Okinawa   

4 star

600 Gima Yomitan Village
Nakagami District

Nikko Alivila Hotel Yomitan Resort Okinawa, Japan

Rizzan Sea Park Tancha Bay Okinawa   

4 star

1496 Aza Tancha Onnason
Kunigami-Gun Okinawa 9040496

Rizzan Sea Park Tancha Bay Okinawa, Japan

Laguna Garden Hotel Okinawa   

5 star

"4-1-1 Mashiki, Ginowan-city
Okinawa 901-2224"

Laguna Garden Hotel Okinawa, Japan

Terrace Hotel Naha Okinawa   

5 star

2-14-1 Omoro Machi
Naha Okinawa

Terrace Hotel Naha Okinawa, Japan

A little advice for travellers to Narita Airport (for Tokyo) and Kansai Airport (for Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe):

The closest hotels to Tokyo's Narita airport are located in Narita and in Chiba. You should allow 2-3 hours to get from Chiba to any place in central Tokyo. These hotels are handy for transiting through Narita overnight but are very inconvenient for commuting to central Tokyo.

The closest hotels to Kansai airport are in Osaka but there is a very convenient express train service from Kyoto. Kyoto is a much more pleasant place to depart than Osaka and, as the train station is smaller, it is much easier to find the airport train.

Kyoto is about 30 minutes from Osaka by express train and is a good base for sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.

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